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29-Mar-2020 13:59

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The first thing I notice is an ugly baby-poop green background which is interrupted by a random white frame in the middle, where you are prompted to create your own chat room.To the left of this, you will find a navigation bar.There’s “Sex Ed High,” a high school themed “virtual” room, but age play creeps me out (plus, I’m sure it’s filled with pedophiles if anything).Then there’s “Group Sex Dating,” but I’m not here for dating, let alone to date in groups.Entering an online chat room today is kind of like visiting an abandoned building or driving through a ghost town.Nothing left but echoes of past activity and a strong sense of nostalgia.The most complete selection of top porn cams, best free sex chats, most visited xxx live websites and more, all gathered on My Porn Cams.This chart brings you all the different adult live entertainment solutions divided by categories.

On the launch page, the room lists its rules: age must be in your username, keep all conversations respectful, English only, no use of excessive CAPS, no links to other rooms, no threats, avoid discussing rape, incest, abuse, and bestiality, no talking about suicide or depression allowed.

Finally, I have a list of different sex-oriented chat rooms to choose from.

They appear below the search bar, just like Google results.

Although I highly doubt that I will find some hot young thing to sext with here, the site does have a wealth of sex-themed chat rooms to choose from, so I’m cautiously optimistic as I arrive at the site.

As soon as I arrive on the site, I can immediately tell that it hasn’t had an upgrade for quite some time. The site was developed in 2001 and it doesn’t look as if they’ve updated or changed anything since.And now we have a wealth of 3D sex chat games to choose from.