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18-Nov-2020 10:14

Everything is blooming, the beautiful women of Ukraine are all in their summer dresses, and everybody is happy.

But that’s only in the center area, which really only stretches a few blocks. And there is just a general feeling of unhappiness that seeps from the apartment buildings and all over the neighborhoods.

It is a beautiful and very charming not only for the tourists, but for its own citizens, city which is situated near the sea and as a result it has its own harbor.

The charming Odessa is the city full of magic where a lot of lonely hearts and souls are gathered.

I’m glad I did—or else I might not be alive to write this 😉These two cities (and maybe Lviv) are probably the most likely to be considered as a destination spot for tourists and expats from Western countries.

With that being said, here’s a few key differences between the two: While I enjoyed my time in Odessa at first, by the end of it I was tired of it.

This rapid fall-off, combined with the “scamming” nature naturally expected of a historic seaport town, makes me wonder what truly makes Odessa motherly at all. Most days in June were very hot and humid—touching close to 90 degrees.

However, come July it mellowed out a bit and most days were in the low 70s to mid 80s—albeit with an absurd amount of humidity.

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While undoubtedly one of the more beautiful cities in the Oblasts of Ukraine, it falls off quickly as you head out of the streets that line the city center.

Odessa is Ukraine’s fifth largest city, nestled on the Black Sea and a hub of commerce, nightlife, and seaside living.

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