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So far I have gathered a considerable collection and I thought why not share this wisdom with the rest of you./=================================================/List of the 56 titles currently available (epub format only): I got the Icarus Illumina 6" which i can definitely recommend.

Go for an e-reader with Android since then you will be able to "root" it and remove any security or bloatware apps and install everything you like.

The Essential Guide To Digital Photography Going Candid: An Unorthodox Approach to Street Photography Thomas Leuthard shares his tips, tricks and advice on street photography, including lots of examples of his stunning work.

Download ‘Going Candid: An Unorthodox Approach to Street Photography’.

Collecting Souls: What Street Photography Means To Me Leuthard’s second book about street photography goes deeper into the subject, including more advanced techniques and thoughts.

Download ‘Collecting Souls: What Street Photography Means To Me’.

Street Photography For The Purist 160 pages of great street photography insight and images.

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I have recently bought an e-reader and started reading up on some of the great titles recommended here.This great e Book by Kimberley Gauthier will get you up to scratch in no speed.