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21-Sep-2020 12:43

Here are some common sense tips (that really shouldn’t need to be repeated):should be your first stop. There are many groups of gorgeous girls – solid 8s and above.

If you only have one night in Lviv, this is the place to go. For the most part, they just hang out at their table, sip a drink, and take selfies. Lviv women may live close to the border but they don’t meet foreigners on a regular basis. Fortunately, Lviv has many cool bars for you to explore.

Either ask where some café/bar is, or ask for a recommendation. No, but really, cool and quirky dates have a much higher success rate. You can always explore the Lviv city centre together. Some of the best views over the Lviv skyline come from this café!

Walk around, stop for a coffee, check out some churches and monuments. However, I do have a better idea: Lviv Handmade Chocolate I know, the name isn’t very creative but the place itself is awesome. Of course, don’t get so carried away that you forget to try the food. They have a seasonal menu with fresh local produce, as well as some all-time favourites.

Grab a cold ale from one of the supermarkets (it’s cheaper so that is what all the locals do) and head to one of these buzzing meeting points: These double as day game locations!

Face control is a problem for some tourists in Ukraine. Foreigners are expected to spend a lot at the club. The thing is, a lot of Western men have zero sense of style or decency. Here is the paradox, though: The fancier the club, the less action women get., as the name suggests, is a place to see and be seen.

Making the journey is cheap and convenient with companies like Flix Bus.

Hanging out at the square with a cold beer is a much more popular pass time.I am happy to report, however, that Lviv women are very friendly and open to meeting new people.