Updating i tunes

24-Dec-2019 06:44

Here is how to purchase items from i Tunes store 1. Click on i Tunes Store buttons available on the windows. Navigate to the item which you want to purchase, click on the buy button, follow the instruction and you’re done.

Like this, you can purchase music, videos, movies, apps, games and related stuff.

Here on this window, under Summary tab you can: You can also switch to Apps tab to see what apps are present on your i Phone screen.

Similarly, you can switch to Music and Photos tab to sync and manage your device music and photos.

It is used by i Phone users to download, play and organize music and videos.

It is an Apple’s product, but still, i Tunes is available for the Windows operating system and its latest version i.e. Here in this article, you will read everything you need to know about it. First of all, visit the official download page of i Tune. On the left-hand side of the page, under “i Tunes 12.for Windows 7 or later“.

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And since your entire library of music, movies, and TV shows lives in i Cloud, everything you buy is immediately available, no matter how you want to play it.Off course, you don’t need to download music and video file from the i Tunes store. When you start i Tunes for the first time on your computer, it will ask you to scan your computer for media and if you click Yes, it will all the media files from your computer into i Tunes player.