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Apple released version 1.0 of the program under a new name, "i Tunes", on January 9, 2001, at Macworld San Francisco.

Macintosh users immediately began poking through i Tunes's resource fork, where they discovered numerous strings and other resources that indicated that i Tunes was a re-engineered Sound Jam MP.

The second section of your i Pod's "Summary" tab is called "Version".

This section includes a brief outline of the current situation, like "".

Other minor changes included disabling the sidebar by default, and slightly altering the icon to match that of the Mac App Store better.

On October 16, 2014, Apple released i Tunes 12, with a redesigned icon and interface, inspired by OS X Yosemite.

After you have activated your i Pod nano, i Tunes will periodically check for software updates (or firmware updates, as they are called).

Since i Tunes performs this on a set schedule, you also have the ability to manually check for updates.

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Apple purchased the program from Casady & Greene in 2000.

Slated for release by the end of October, the launch was pushed back to November 29, 2012.