Updating your garage

08-Oct-2020 05:21

You can see the glaze is being applied section by section here. A point that has been mentioned is the quickness that the glaze will dry once applied. For longevity, I would consider adding a clear finish to the door.

so you might want to wait for a cloudy/humid day so you have more time to get the coverage you want. You should wait until the glaze is thoroughly dried to do this, but as I mentioned it should dry really quick.

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We are sprinting down the finish line in the garage makeover!

Upgrading your garage door can add a huge amount of style and value to your home, with an average of 1,100$ of value being added with a new garage door.

Being in constant contact with the elements leaves many garage doors in need of a makeover, and we decided to make a list of some cool ideas that you can do yourself that will leave your garage door looking classy and distinguished!

Use Duck Tape or another well sealing tape around all of the edges.

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This whole process will take a few days so I recommend doing it all at once. Make sure you scrub off any oil, dirt, or chippy paint from the floor. Use a good degreaser and a long handled scrub brush to remove any contaminants. Acid etching is the best way to prep concrete to accept and bond with the coating.The last time I updated you, we had a major project in mudding and painting the garage walls.