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According to these files, Silvio Berlusconi, his trusted personal advisor Valentino Valentini, Berlusconi's National Security Advisor Bruno Archi - one of the witnesses in the Ruby trial, along with Valentini- the Italian PM's diplomatic adviser, Marco Carnelos, and the Permanent Representative of Italy to the NATO, Stefano Stefanini, were all targeted by the NSA, "the largest, most costly, and most technologically sophisticated spy organization the world has even known", as the prestigious American magazine "New Yorker" described it.

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But now this top secret interception, dating back to October 2011, published today by Wiki Leaks in exclusive collaboration with l'Espresso and Repubblica and a team of international media, reopens the case: what really happened in Italy in that difficult autumn, when our economy was under extreme duress and Berlusconi's sex scandals, from Ruby Rubacuori to the other “bunga bunga girls”, were making headlines around the world?Sarkozy was said to have told Berlusconi that while the latter's claims about the solidity of the Italian banking system may be true in theory, financial institutions there could soon “pop” like the cork in a champagne bottle, that “words are no longer enough”, and that Berlusconi must now “make decisions”.Also on the 24th, Valentini indicated that EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy had urged Italy to undertake policies aimed at reducing the impression within the EU that the country is weighed down with an enormous debt at a moment in time when it also is struggling with low productivity and showing little dynamism».Documents reveal that in March 2010, Silvio Berlusconi was also intercepted while talking to the Israeli leader Binyamin Netanyahu, at a time of maximum crisis between the United States and Israel, when the announcement of Netanyahu's plans to build 1,600 houses in East Jerusalem unleashed a diplomatic crisis between Washington and Tel Aviv.

At that point, according to an Nsa interception, Netanyahu contacted several European countries, including Italy, in an attempt to smooth over the conflict with the US.This top secret interception of Berlusconi and Netanyahu, which dates back to March 2010, is one the NSA is allowed to share with the so-called "Five Eyes": the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, the powers with which the US have a special relationship for sharing intelligence they do not share with other countries.