Vintage singer sewing machine dating

04-May-2020 05:45

Many other class of machines were also available in a treadle stand such as: 66-1, 15-30, 115-1 etc.

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These models were manuafactured and sold in approximate time period of 1912 through 1950.However they did not have the model of the machine.To help determine your model number or to order a manual and available parts please view the pictures below.Manual for Singer 27 (Manual also 28 and, Vibrating Shuttle #2, 127 & 128) .00 #27: Full size head: length of bed 14 5/8", width of bed 7" #28: 3/4 head, length of bed 12 5/32", width of bed 6 9/16" Vibrating shuttle #2 available in full size or curved base (fiddle base).

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Various gold ornimation, long bobbin, full size normally equipped with treadle stand.The bobbin case stays in the machine except for cleaning and oiling. Earlier models had no reverse and did not have numbers on the tension dial. * The 66-6 started production in 1921 with various modifications, it was originally offered as a treadle and soon as an electric model.