Vox ac30 serial number dating

02-Nov-2019 18:50

Recognizing these production limitations, Korg approached Marshall Amplification PLC about having Marshall produce new Vox models for Korg under contract.This arrangement would be a natural fit as Korg was the distributor of Marshall amplifiers in many countries around the world.design used in the 1964 JMI "Top Boosted" AC-30.An era ended when the last UK made AC-30 amps were shipped in 2004.\n I need a little help dating a vox ac30 I was just given. It has six inputs - vib-trem, normal and brilliant. Control panel appears to be copper with the labels lithograph.The panel on the back says jennings musical industries ltd. I pulled the electronics out and the woden transformers are marked KU - which I have read suggests November '63. Many VOX products have been modified or canablized over the years so accurate dating can be impossible. * Audiom 60 or Rola-Celestion G12 speakers, 4-input models only. Built like a tank, the JMI AC-30 was hand wired on tag strips fastened to a sturdy steel and aluminum chassis.

JMI produced this version of the AC-30 until 1967 when their parent company, Royston, filed for bankruptcy.The best place to start if you're new is right below in our "Rules" section.