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While Waterman introduced its share of innovations, the company's main selling point was always quality and reliability.

In 1905 Waterman patented their first permanently attached pen clip, allow a pen to be held directly in a pocket.

Holland abandoned his company after only six weeks; Waterman stepped in and took over, fitting the pens with a simplified feed of his own design.

From the beginning, competition in the fountain pen industry was fierce, both in the marketplace and the courtroom. Waterman's death in 1901 that the company took off.

Additional ads for Higgins Photo Mount Paste and High Class Writing Papers.

WAT-200 Waterman - Higgins Ink eclectic advertisement from August 1900. Top right quarter is the Permit Me add for Higgins' Eternal Ink.

As Waterman progressed into the modern era, it produced many of the pens that are still available today including the Edson, the Exception, the Philéas, the Hémisphère, the Expert, the Harmonie, the Charleston, the Ici et Là, the Audace, the Sérénité, the Liaison and the Carène.

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Waterman's French subsidiary, Waterman-JIF (Jules-Isidore Fagard) later Waterman S.In 1908 Waterman released their first retractable-nib "safety" pen.As the 20th century wore on, Waterman's conservatism allowed its younger and more innovative competitors to gain market share—Parker, Sheaffer, and Wahl-Eversharp, in particular.Additional adverts for Your Ladies’ Journal, Homes by the Sea, The Art Interchange and Golden Sceptre Tobacco.

WAT-416 Waterman Advert, Century Magazine, 1893, Black and White, 3 x 4 in ad on 7 x 10 in page.Bottom half advert for Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pen and this ad shows some very high end and hard to find Waterman fountain pens.

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