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28-Apr-2020 21:20

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If you meet a girl in China between the ages of 18-30 and she has a smartphone, she has We Chat and/or QQ.

But, this is just a tool for communicating, which in itself isn't all that exciting.

It's probably the hottest shit right now in China in terms of social networking, and is probably only second to QQ (which I will not cover here, as I have no experience with it).

Gaming in China and not having either QQ or We Chat is the equivalent of gaming back home without Facebook/Whatsapp/i Message and whatnot, and believe me in China it's even more important.

Once you did all this, you are ready to find prospects.

There are several ways you can find random girls, but only one is worth the trouble and that's "people nearby".

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You can also add a "What’s up" line, this will be displayed next to your username.

Never try to copy Chinese guys, if you can, try to be the complete opposite from them, dress different, act different.