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She has grandkids why doesn’t she go focus on them instead of trying to get two seconds of fame. Big Ang was all about everyone getting along, having fun, and laughing! all about the real housewives all about trh angela raiola big ang carla facciolo Drita D'avanzo janine detore jennifer graziano just jenn productions karen gravano mob wives mob wives blog Mob Wives blogger mob wives dirt mob wives drama mob wives feud mob wives gossip mob wives latest mob wives news mob wives reboot renee graziano Katie is a NYC based writer and celebrity interviewer, who joined the All About TRH team in November of 2017.I still can’t believe that Big Ang is gone, it’s so sad. She’s a huge fan of all things Real Housewives and Mob Wives.Big Ang grew up among drug retailers and cartel associates and shortly became integrated in their lifestyle as she started operating mafia hangouts that could eventually become infamous.She had been the owner of The Drunken Monkey,a Staten Island pub, which functioned from 2007 until 2015 as it had been closed down because of her run-ins with law.So we wanted to know how she finds time to balance her work and her relationship while keeping things so young and fresh. As you know, I have a husband, and he just comes along with whatever we do. I also have a family who stands behind me, and someone needs to make the money!It’s all about the money,” the star says with laughter. The less you’re with the husband or wife, the better.Katie loves Coney Island, Coca-Cola and cheap thrills.Beyond blogging; Katie enjoys music, film, fashion and photography. 3 | "Write to Katie": Allabout Attn: Katie 3160 Ridgeway Ct.

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In addition to 15 other people, she had been detained of narcotics operation.

As stated by the New York Police Department (NYPD) that made the arrest, Ang had close ties with a drug dealer who had been serving time in prison.

The majority of Angela’s pubs have been used as hubs for drug trafficking between Brooklyn and New York City.

Back in 2001, Ang found herself on the wrong side of this law after she had been detained with a few wraps of cocaine inside her handbag.

Regrettably, Big Ang’s popularity in fact TV didn’t continue as long as lovers might have enjoyed as she passed out in February 2016 after a short bout with cancer.