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Aaron saw that and brought it into the Charlie-President Bartlet relationship.In Season One, when Charlie started dating Zoe [daughter of President Bartlet] — this was before Twitter and online comments, when people still wrote letters — and we received a lot of hate mail. As we've been workshopping, we'd do the script, discuss it, try things, they'd listen, see what you were doing, and then they'd go away, and by next morning, come with something unbelievably brilliant.I'm always attracted to what music can say, its message, its healing power, its power to arm us against misfortune.

Charlie found it hard to leave the White House and began passing his résumé around the West Wing. A man named Curtis Carruthers replaced Charlie as President Bartlet's body man.

I was impressed with how perceptive he was to the dynamics among the actors off-camera.

Martin [Sheen] and I started to form this father-son bond off-camera.

He originally came to the White House to get a part-time job as a messenger, but was picked by Ms.

De Laguardia (Deborah Fiderer, later to become the President's secretary) to replace the President's previous personal aide, and was interviewed by Josh Lyman for the job. ("A Proportional Response") He takes care of his sister, Deena (known later as Deanna), as his father is "long gone".He and Zoey later broke up, though he often professed his love for her, much to her chagrin (and secret delight).

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