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14-Jun-2020 10:18

Taking inspiration from a recipe found in Elizibeth Moxon’s English Housewifery, this elegant fizz is reminiscent of a champagne cocktail.

Named after George IV who was the prince regent from 1811 to 1820 before his accession to the throne of England, Regent’s Punch was a heady mix of Cognac, rum, Champagne and pineapple that was lengthened with green tea.

In a bid to optimise our food waste The Bar’s newest cocktail flight reuses, upcycles and transforms by-products from the Dinner kitchen that might traditionally go unused into high-concept, low-waste cocktails available until the end of August.

The Bar will launch the Sense of Place Cocktail Flight on the 1st of September.

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This was though to soak up some acidity and improve its palatability.

Our potted whiskey expands upon this tradition of single pot cooking.