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20-Apr-2020 01:57

On June 7th, 2012, after the last broadcast, the casts of held a fan meeting to celebrate the ending of the drama.During the cast interviews, Ji Hyun-woo surprisingly declared that he was in love with Yoo In-na!

Ji Hyun-woo is a famous South Korean actor and musician.Ji Hyun-woo’s statement and their appearance made people question Yoo In-na’s upcoming appearance in with Hyun-woo since the cast in that reality show are the ‘untaken’ celebrities, who are to make a true response between each other without worrying any partner.Other than the secret date, Yoo In-na and Ji Hyun-woo have been reported of spending their time together styling their hairs at a salon.He then told me that he has never said, ‘Mom, buy this for me’ or ‘I really want this’ about anything or felt a need for something.

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For the first time, he felt greedy, that he didn’t want to let me slide away.He said, “I wanted to confess this in front of all the fans that have shown us so much support for the drama.