Winchester 30 30 saddle carbine serial number dating

17-Nov-2019 09:40

However serial number over(###) ###-####were generally manufactured after 2000.The AE designation indicates Angular Ejection, a modification to the original 94 that causes cartridge ejection out at an angle, so that a scope can be mounted on the top of the receiver.

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The BATF has not (and probably will not) release those records to the general public.Winchesters with engraving are quite rare with engraving priced from 50 cents to 5.00 dollars .Engraving prices were 50 and 75 cents --1.00-- 1.50--1.75--- 2.00 --2.50--3.00 --3.50--4.00 --5.00 --6.00 --7.00--8.00 and 9.00 .. Factory letters for you gun can be obtained from: The Cody Firearms Museum Buafflo Bill Historical Center 720 Sheridan Ave Cody Wy . There were 8----- 1 of 100 Winchester 73 rifles manufactured Short rifles were made with 20 -- 21-- 22 --23--24 inch barrels .

The standard length barrel for a Model 73 Carbine is 20 inches Winchester trappers were made with barrels from 12 to 20 inches with 15 inches being the most common.

Therefore specific dates for specific serial numbers are just not available for your gun.