Wow stuck on updating setup files

01-Nov-2020 05:15

After you deselect the problematic files or folders within the App Data folder, Carbonite will remove the files and folders from the backup within 72 hours and hopefully resolve the stuck backup.Scan and Remove Viruses Malware and viruses may interfere with Carbonite’s ability to back up your files.Files within these locations may cause Carbonite to become stuck and says that “some of your files could not be backed up due to errors”.Below the limit (36 characters) C:\Users\[User_Name]\Important Above the limit (295 characters) C:\Users\[User_Name]\Documents\Cloud\Backup\for\home\and\small\business\from\family\photos\to\custo...

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In these instances, simply save and close out the file(s) and refrain from opening the files until the backup for the file completes. However, if there is not enough space on your computer to allow it to do so, Carbonite will wait to back up the file when Outlook is no longer open.

If restarting your computer does not resolve the issue, update Carbonite to the latest version.

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