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For example, those normally afraid of dating Cueball would "match" with him to prevent a plane crash, which may be his secret intent after all.Randall may be satirizing people who use Tinder (and other similar social apps) by portraying an extreme caricature of a Tinder user. The main interface of Tinder shows photos of people.Users swipe right for matches that they like, and left otherwise.For both airplanes and hospitals the rule is actually just to try to bully people into being considerate to the people around them).

[A Smartphone is shown with the screen facing the viewer. The main photo is of Cueball, in the cockpit of a plane which appears to be tilting to the right, holding up a makeshift sign saying:] This comic reminds me of [1] (because of using an inappropriate form of communication in an emergency).

Wi Fi can be enabled on some flights during the entire flight; in others it may be banned during takeoff and landing.

Even if he is either uploading the picture after the flight or using the in-flight internet service, he is still violating other, more serious laws (if he is a pilot, he may be liable for negligence, and if he is an ordinary passenger, God knows what he may have done...) The title text explains that Cueball's unwise method for getting help stems from astonishingly skewed priorities and no small amount of selfishness.

I'm not sure that the interpretation that he may be making up the emergency to gain matches really makes sense, given the title text - since the radio wouldn't really help him in that case.141.1 , 12 December 2017 (UTC) So, does anyone know what is the minimum size of a plane to have that style of cockpit?

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Jcc10 (talk) , 13 December 2017 (UTC) Or maybe he's not actually on a plane, but simply wants to hook up with someone who's interested enough in planes to know how to fly one.However, some countries has actual laws that either explicitly do not allow phone usage on a plane (e.g.